Where-ever and when-ever each one of us is, we are here and now.

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What is ‘Reflexive Reading?’

It is a way of reading where you imagine the page is blank. You are reading at the same moment that the writer is writing. Although you are reading this in the middle of paragraph, and it looks like the rest of it is written ahead, in actual fact it was written just as you are reading it now — into a blank page. So… you are aligned to the moment of writing. And this goes for all readers, who are reading to the end of this paragraph with you.

This website explores the power of reading, and writing, in this way.

Of course the writer may edit and re-edit, but for a pure reflexive reading experience, this is cheating. They are writing each word, each l-e-t-t-e-r as you are reading. As a consequence the writing flows, and the reading is not critical or antagonistic so that attention may be drawn to more subtle aspects of being. The social power manifests in aligning all readers to the moment of reading together. We become stronger as a result.